Image Request

Can't find an image you like? Want your own customized image? Want a re-sized version of        one of the free images?

You can make your request here! Please provide the necessary details, and I will work on it.    Please expect around 24 to 48 hours in response time, and allow 3 days for your requested      image to be completed. This service is FREE for all; that includes your specially requested       image itself!

Before you make your request

There are 2 main types of image you can request:

1. Re-sized version of the provided images in the free gif images section
Please type in the names of the images you want from the free gif images section if you just want re-sized versions of them.  

2. Gif Image from an online video
If you want a brand new gif image recorded from an online video, please type in the URL. Quote the timing of the video that you want to be recorded inside your gif image, or indicate "entire" if you want the entire video. 

By default, your image will be thumbnail size (150 x 112 pixels), which is also the size of all the images in the free gif images section. You can request specifically for any image in the free section in one of these 4 sizes. Yes, it's free as well.

You will have 4 options for the size of your Gif image if you want to change.
Size 1: Avatar: (96 x 72)
Size 2: Thumbnail: (150 x 112)
Size 3: For websites & email: (320 x 240)
Size 4: For message boards: (640 x 480)

Read below to view a sample format of an image request. The format should be like this as you type into the "image request" section of the form at the bottom:

1. Dramatic Cat 1, size 1.

2. URL:
    Timing: entire

3. URL:
    Timing: 0:00 - 0:30
    Size 3

If you have any special requests, feel free to list them down as well. But please bear in mind that all free images come with the Gif Goodies' watermark. If you want a non-watermarked version, please order them from our Order Images page.



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