Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gif Goodies?

Gif Goodies is a media hosting service that aims to provide unique and high quality animated Gif images for its users.

Does Gif Goodies cost anything?

No, it's FREE forever, unless you want to purchase the non-watermarked version of the Gif images.

How many files can I download?


How do I report a problem on the site or its images?

Visit the Contact page and give us the necessary details. Your report will be processed within 24 hours.

How am I allowed to use the images?

Please refer to our Terms of Use. Basically, you can utilize them for personal use, but you are NOT allowed to freely redistribute or resell them. 

I don't see any image I want. Can I make a request for a specific image?

Sure. Please request at our Image Request page, which is also FREE! 

Do you plan to continue building this site?

If ratings are good, and demand for this site is strong, we will continue updating this site with fresh and FREE content at no cost.


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