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Here, you can download and save all the animated images that you like, for FREE. Animated images all come in the format of "gif". They are really useful and basically fun to use. Visit "Your FREE Gif Images" section through the navigator at the top to get your FREE awesome animated images now. You can also click here instead. Don't see any image that you fancy? You can also request for your very own custom-made images, and you've guessed it. It's FREE as well.

Benefits of using our FREE service

Here at Gif Goodies, you enjoy all these awesome benefits :

  • Gif images here are FREE to download and use. Who doesn't love FREE stuff? (Read more about your rights to these images here.)
  • Gif images are animated; virtually anything can be created out of it, even from any videos you want.
  • You can send your requests for your very own gif images here. Yes, you can request and get your very own desired gif images for FREE.
  • Gif images are generally smaller than videos, so they are much more convenient to use and take up much less space.
  • Gif images have the format of typical images, but possess the features of videos. Since places like forum signatures allow only images, you can fully utilize it with gif animation. 
  • Gif images are fun to use!

Ways to Use Your Gif Animated Images

There are so many ways you can use gif animated images! These are some common uses:
  • Use them in your online avatars and forum signatures to grab the interest of your readers.
  • Simply post them on your favorite socializing websites like Facebook and Twitter and amuse all your friends. 
  • You can even use them to win the your potential clients' favor and help you build your profits in your online business. 
  • Send them to your loved ones and win their hearts as a meaningful present for a special occasion.
  • Use them as wallpaper on your cell phones & wow your friends.
  • Any other use you can think of!

Just take a look at the previews on the left for yourself! If you want the animated Gif versions, just head over to the Free Gif Images section now.

Testimonials from  our satisfied users


"I've gotten some of the free samples of the cat images as a reviewer, and used them on my message to my girlfriend. She was adoring them the whole day! They really made my girlfriend's day!" - N.Z.  

"Can't wait to see even more updates. I love to use them as my cellphone wallpaper. These images are just so hilarious and so cute!!!" - C.D. 

"An interesting site for eveyone!. Who the heck wouldn't love freebies? It's just so amazing that someone is willingly providing such a cool service for free!" - Marlene

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